Saturday, May 14, 2011

WARNING: Too many "vacation club" TVI Express clones

Here is a list (incomplete for sure) of TVI Express "clones" out there.

This list is NOT complete, will be updated when possible, and in NO WAY constitutes any sort of endorsement or condemnation. I am listing them because they are quite similar to TVI Express, a known scam around the world, and thus you should be VERY careful when considering ANY of them.
  • Pyxism -- no comment
  • Dream Vacation Club / Revolving Relay -- based on Seychelles, no comment
  • DreamStyle Vacation -- based in San Antonio TX, no comment
  • Club Seabreeze -- no comment
  • World Ventures -- based in Plano, TX, no comment
  • YTB / Zamzuu -- sued by two US states as pyramid scheme, settled by getting out and paid big fines
  • Royal Cruise Matrix -- no comment
  • Business in Motion -- based on Canada, sued by RCMP as pyramid scheme
  • Silverline Club -- no comment

Frankly, a lot of ex-TVI members jumped right into one of these, which makes me wary. A lot of MLMers join one biz after another, looking for "the next big thing", and never finding it. This is especially true when their first biz turned out to be a scam, like TVI Express... They can never unlearn the scam-y ways and thus is basically forced to join something that operates the same way.

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