Monday, May 30, 2011

JC Campbell's OLD TVI Express Review is a Parrot

By parrot, I mean that JC Campbell only knows how to repeat company material without ANY attempt to verify or clarify any of the information given. He can only regurgitate what TVI Express provided, and try to spin it slightly so it sounds better.

(BTW, Helium is a content farm for bigots, and that's IMHO, as I've been there and done that)

The entire article consist of a summary of the selling points in the TVI Express "presentation". The conclusion is: look at the selling points again:
TVI Express has already proved to be a genuine source of income as many of the testimonials on the company website prove. For anyone thinking of joining TVI Express, they should first visit the company website and take a tour to understand the company and the compensation plan. 
Testimonials... That's so funny. The testimonials are so outdated and fake it's hilarious to think that testimonials are worth ANYTHING. I've personally documented same guy giving two virtually identical testimonials. You got people who gave glowing testimonials quit, denounce TVI Express, or even go on to found a competing business. It's clear that the few hundred testimonials are clearly inflated, and with supposedly hundreds of thousands of members, the testimonials page have not been updated in MONTHS, so they are clearly fakes. (Tsairong Chang? Saw that testimonial back in early 2010, a whole YEAR ago!)

And what is JC Campbell's qualifications for reviewing TVI Express? His most recent 10 articles are, according to his own Helium profile:

  1. An overview on good posture for golf
  2. Health benefits of playing golf
  3. Retailing: How to transform consumers into customers
  4. Dry skin tips for men
  5. Essential shaving equipment all men need
  6. Body shaving tips for men
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  8. Golf tips for enhancing tee shot distance
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It appears that his expertise is in golf, sales, and men's grooming. So what does he know about pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing

What utter poppycock. 
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