Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TVI Express called before inquiry in Aceh Indonesia, blames "rogue elements" for broken promises

When called before official inquiry panel in an Aceh Courtroom, TVI Express local rep "Karmijan Gayo" blamed "rogue elements" who made false promises to people, declared that "TVI [Express] never promised that participants will make $10000 USD" and that "you must recruit people to make that happen", essentially admitting that TVI Express is just a "money game" or as Westerners call it, a "pyramid scheme" or "Ponzi scheme".

In "Karmijan Gayo" words, "A member can only benefit by recruiting many more members."

When questioned about the deceptive practices, he said that if you paid membership dues, but does not appear in TVI Express genealogy, please log a police complaint against THE PERSON that recruited you (i.e. who you paid to join), not TVI Express. He did not answer whether TVI Express is a money game or not.


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