Thursday, May 5, 2011

UPDATE: DELETED FEB-2012 More bull**** from

EDIT AND UPDATE:    have deleted TVI Express content from his website as of February 2012. 

 had previously been highlighted for pushing the scam TVI Express, and claiming he wants to help you succeed in this scam... on April Fool's Day. Apparently, he was actually serious about wanting to help this scam, as he just posted yet ANOTHER article:

http://systematic  .com/tvi-express-business-is-tvi-express-worth-it/

Today many people are in search of various ways in which they can establish their own business and strike profitable business along the way. Looking around there are lots of different businesses out in the market for business and its expansion. But there are not many which offer the advantage of travel and the chances for an income of more than seven figures in the first year of its joining.
Many of the online business offer very minimum breaks and at the most they offer you the maximum seven figure income. For that you need to work for a period of 3 to 4 years. So the chances of letting you become affluent in just some weeks are offered only by TVI Express Business. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity once you learn about it. The benefit of joining this business is, it is very easy and simple:
There is many times where any business will require you to learn and understand a lot of stuff prior to your first venture. With TVI Express Business it is totally different. It does not require you to have all the knowledge at the very beginning. You can always learn your way up to the top within a very short time as you start your business and progress.
Here in the TVI Express Business you are not required to spend your money on procuring E books and learning programs. So even if you are new to net marketing you can learn your way up in the process. And they offer you the shortest possible course on learning which they give you through the back office.
TVI Express Business is still fresh and it is kind of new in the market. This means you can still get the opportunity to establish yourself well and at the same time you can get people to register with the business under you which will add bonuses to your credit. Also when you look around the competition is somewhat low right now. It was introduced in Asia just a few months back. With TVI Express Business you can enjoy both the benefits of work and satisfaction which is
Really, that's the end of the article. Clearly, he can't even cut and paste correctly. Furthermore, there is no useful facts to be had in the entire article, just vague statements that are not corroborated by anything.

What's even more pathetic, in the "related posts" there are repeated mention of Zamzuu, a convicted pyramid scheme (formerly known as YTB) that was sued out of California and Illinois. They settled by paying MILLIONS in fines.   wants you to succeed in that scam as well.

If   wants you to succeed in scams, does that make him a pathetic fool?

And if you paid him to train you, what does that make you?

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