Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bob Howard, marketing coach, is the latest documented weasel dodging TVI Express scam question

This blog had been catching weasel marketing coaches who claims to be all about integrity and honesty, but in reality is a weasel who dodge his own question: Is TVI Express a Scam?

Bob Howard claimed to have "reviewed" TVI Express on this little video, asking whether it's a scam. However, this video is only 44 seconds, long, and thus is only to get you to visit his website. That's already like a weasel, isn't it?

So what does his website actually say? Absolutely NOTHING about whether TVI Express is a scam or not.

He managed to completely ignore the problems (no management, no clear location, "alliances" with travel are fake, getting paid on RECRUITING is illegal pyramid scheme, so on and so forth).

The rest of his article is NOT about TVI Express, but rather, some blathering about lead generation. In fact, TVI Express is mentioned only three times in the entire article, none of them as a "review". In fact, he never did say whether TVI Express is a scam or not.

Bob Howard dodged his own question.

What a weasel! Wonder if he's for rent?

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