Monday, December 26, 2011

Who is Jill Sanders and why was she pushing TVI Express scam?

Yesterday, we profiled a spamticle site that claims to be about "Color Men's Wear" but in reality posts spam articles and videos from all over, and one of them was this TVI Express video from "traveltviexpress". Her Youtube Channel still exists:

Either she only owns one shirt (or all identical shirts, like Steve Job's two dozen black turtlenecks) or she recorded all these videos in one take, which means she was reading from a script. Lighting suggests it was all done in one take.

According to the youtube profile, she joined on 30-JAN-2010, uploaded these videos, and NEVER updated them ever again. Last activity date is same as join date. Clearly, this is a spam channel.

The TinyURL forwarder is still active, and sends you to a free Weebly site, which only contains a capture page that wants your contact info, nothing else.

However, her name, according to the video, is "Stephanie Bower", not Jill Sanders. Why is Jill Sanders posting a video by Stephanie Bower?

We will research this "Stephanie Bower" later. For now, we'll concentrate on Jill Sanders.

Search on Twitter revealed that last tweet was in December 2009, even BEFORE the videos.

The URL mentioned in the Tweet,, has expired domain as of August 2010, over a year ago.

Unfortunately, "Jill Sanders" is a pretty common name and without further information further ID is not possible. All the searches for Jill Sanders and South Lake Tahoe brought up information on a real estate agent. She looks completely different from the girl in the video. Before I noticed the girl in the video is a Stephanie Bower, NOT Jill Sanders, that threw me off completely. So who is Jill Sanders? The real estate agent is white and has short but face-framing blond hair.

Then I found ANOTHER Twitter account, which belongs to the real estate agent, as "" is the home page of the real estate agent.

Then why was she tweeting about TVI Express? These tweets are identical to the one in that TVI Express Jill Sanders account.

Apparently Jill had strayed into scams and had since picked up real estate and abandoned her scamming ways. 

Bravo, Jill, bravo. All the power to you, and a lesson to TVI Express members: you *can* go legit if you want to. 

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