Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OLD NEWS: More TVI Express Scammers Convicted in China

This news actually came out in November, but I had to verify it's not a duplicate:

Be On Guard against "British tourist TVI Express" Network Marketing

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Yichang Xiling Public Security Bureau announced yesterday, it has destroyed a " British TVI Express Travel company " which was engaging in illegal Internet pyramid scheme activities, a Mr. Liu, suspected of organizing the pyramid scheme has been approved for arrest by the prosecution.
  October 23, Xiling Public Security Bureau received a public report, that a person participated in the "British tourist TVI Express" e-commerce activities, but can not receive the benefits associated with the promise of service. He suspect he was cheated, and ask for police investigation. Bureau of Economic Investigation Squadron realized this is a clue to an important network of illegal pyramid activity, then developed a "step by step, solid evidence, catch ringleader" detection program.
  August 26, Xiling police arrested Liu, who was suspected of organizing and leading the "British tourist TVI Express," the so-called new e-commerce activities. Liu confessed to illegal pyramid scheme. Recently, the Xiling District, Yichang City People's Procuratorate, Liu was arrested for sentencing.
  The investigation, from April last year, Liu (alias: Liu Lu, female, 39, Han nationality, Yichang) was introduced by Lin (male, 27 years old, Zhejiang, fugitive)  Liu invested 1897 yuan in the "British TVI Express Travel Company" network marketing organization. Subsequently, Liu started madly recruiting downline at Huaqiang Building, 603 Yichang Road, and other locations. Just pay 1897 yuan for travel card, "British tourist TVI Express" member, may stay free in the domestic five-star hotel seven days six nights and enjoy global travel discounts. If you sponsor enough downlines you can get 500 U.S. dollars prize money,  15,000 US Dollars, as bait, made herself "gold level member" in two months, the cumulative development of downline members up to 658 recruits and nearly 60000 yuan profit.
  According to the police, the case involving large number victims of more than 60 years of age or older, in which many victims under the spell of Liu and others, cheated of their life savings, the department have this this case "top pyramid scheme of YiChang".

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