Sunday, December 18, 2011

More TVI Express Spam Domains from Czech Republic

Previously we've highlighted, which is supposedly TVI Express for Taiwan, except it has not a SINGLE WORD IN CHINESE, not is it owned by by Chinese, but rather, a Czech TVI Express member, which makes it a completely UNofficial site! Furthermore, he had registered 303 different domains.

Here's another one:, which is Philippines. The problem is, there is an official (well, official for a scam) TVI Express office in the Philippines. And this domain ain't owned by them .

The WHOIS server for Philippines shows:
OrganizationJosef Pavlicek
Expiry Date2012-07-28
Primary Contact
Secondary Contact
AddressV Zatisi 917
Kunovice, 68604 CZ

There's another way... if you do a server stat on that domain name, you get:

Server Type:
Apache/2.2.16 (Debian)
IP Location:
Czech Republic - Czech Republic - Supernetwork S.r.o
Response Code:
Domain Status:
Registered And Active Website

Yep, it's our Czech domain spammer Joe Pavlicek. Furthermore, at the bottom of the page, you find a section in Czech, not English or Tagalog (the Filipino language). Which proves that this domain is pretty bogus.
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