Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another "Coach" out to help you succeed in... TVI Express scam?!?!

Do these "coaches" even read that they post? Clearly not, as this "Lloyd Dobson" clearly demonstrated:

If he wants to sell his "lead generation system", he should at least pick a LEGAL business, instead of this illegal scam already kicked out of the USA a whole YEAR ago! Not to mention he can't cite information, even the lies released by the scam itself, properly!

So who is this Lloyd Dobson guy? This is his LinkedIn Profile:

The rest of his description I snipped.

Strangely, I have ran into Lloyd Dobson online before. (see below, under related articles). Back in October someone was reviving his zombie TVI Express videos. Now, he decided to revivify zombie himself.

Why don't you leave a scam DEAD AND BURIED, Lloyd Dobson? Why would you want to help people succeed in a SCAM, Lloyd?

You should have left well enough alone!
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