Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Zombie Spamticle Site Spotted with TVI Express Spam

When it comes to spamticle websites (that's websites with a lot of pirated or repub'ed spam articles), they are usually so generic and setup with minimum work you can tell just by looking, without reading much of the content at all. After all, it's for search engines to pick up, not for human consumption. As a result, they often contain pathetic mistakes, and this one is no exception.

As you can see, this site just have cloned articles, with nearly identical titles, and didn't even bother updating the author (it's left unchanged from the theme author's original).

Even more hilarious, the video that goes with this posting? Was NOT from David Wood. If you click through, you'll find out that David Wood is a white surfer dude, and the video is of a black guy.

However, the domain is indeed registered by David Wood, and the registrant's address matches the address given on his own website, workwithdavidwood.com, an address in Fairbanks, Alaska. (Strangely, that website has "private registration" turned on. Why have private reg when your address is on the website itself?)

So, did Mr. Wood turn to spamticle website creation to supplement his income? And why link to a even MORE bogus video not created by him as a link?

What does that say about his success level?

UPDATE: the video was removed by Youtube due to TOS violations. Hah! (checked on 13-DEC-2011)

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