Saturday, April 27, 2013

OLD NEWS: Philippines banned TVI Express back in March 2013?

According to ABS-CBN, the Filipino SEC has declared TVI Express Holidays Philippines to be a pyramid scheme back in March.

SEC warns of new pyramiding scams

Posted at 03/12/2013 5:37 PM | Updated as of 03/13/2013 9:15 AM
MANILA, Philippines - Fresh from the disastrous results of the Aman Futures scam, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again issued an advisory to consumers in Davao and Surigao of two separate potential investment fraud.
SEC chairperson Teresita Herbosa identified these two potential scams as Connectacons Inc. and TVI Express Holidays Phils.
The target company in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur has reportedly been encouraging teachers to invest P16,800 with a promise to "double the money" within 6 months and to get $10,000 for another 6 months.
According to the SEC advisory, those who invested have not received the promised amount and even return of their investment despite repeated demands.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Tarun Trikha's entire family will be investigated for conspiracy fraud

According to Daily Mail / India, Indian police will be looking into the roles of Tarun Trikhas entire family as his father, brother, and sister are also "directors" in his scam enterprise "TVI Express".

Tarun Trikha, arrested for allegedly duping thousands of investors through his online pyramidal venture TVI Express, had apparently involved his family in the business.Documents available with Mail Today show, that members of his family, including his father Vinay Kumar Trikha, brother Varun and sister Shikha, were among the directors in the company. Sources say the role of the entire family is being probed in the fraud, and all their investments are under scanner.

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CONFIRMED FOR SURE: Tarun Trikha Arrested in India

A reputable source, Daily Mail, has reported the arrested of Tarun Trikha in India.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

CONFIRMED?! Tarun Trika, Head of TVI Express Scam, Arrested in India

There are unconfirmed report on Facebook that Tarun Trikha was arrested by Indian police.

UPDATED: Someone posted this video:

As I don't speak Hindi, I can't vouch for the authenticity, but it appears to be genuine. UPDATE: Video no longer available, but a screencap was included below.

And this photo, from a group called Justice Tarun, apparently a group of victims of TVI Express in India.  Apparently CID took Tarun Trikha into custody at Delhi airport, and was transferring him to Kolkotta when the news leaked and the victims held an impromptu demonstration while CID guarded the prisoner (who chose to hide his face with a towel)  who did a bit of detective work, tailed Tarun Trikha to the railway station, and called in CID (Criminal Investigative Division) of Indian Police is to be commended, however, we shall see how the prosecution goes.

There are 6 more pictures at    [Updated]

Saturday, April 6, 2013

OLD NEWS: Pacific Royale had no CEO back in August 2012?

Accordign to Jakarta Globe / Investor Daily of Indonesia, Pacific Royale airline's CEO Samudra Sukardi resigned back in August 2012 with "disagreement with shareholders"

The paper however, stated that the airline is owned by Gunardi Gunawan and Tarun Trikha.

Frankly, I have yet to see the shareholder list of the airline. A couple Indonesian newspapers and airline blog sites have repeated the info, but then, I haven't seen any official confirmation of the ownership / shareholder.

According to a more recent article in AsiaOne (a newspaper in Singapore), Pacific Royale ceased operation back in 2012.