Sunday, December 11, 2011

Who is registering a bunch of tviexpress.*** domain names?

Google search recently popped up a lot of tviexpress domains where it's not a .com, but rather, country. One that caught my eye was, where tw = Taiwan, Republic of China, where they of course, speaks Chinese.

So why when I go to, I see ENGLISH, and not a single word in Chinese?

So I ran the WHOIS search, and turns out this is NOT an official TVI Express website!

Reverse Whois:
"Josef Pavlicek" owns about303 other domains
Email Search:
 is associated with about 303 domains
Whois History:
12 records have been archived since 2009-10-01 .
Reverse IP:
343 other sites hosted on this server.

Domain Name:
      Josef Pavlicek  
      V Zatisi 917  

So this domain is owned by some Czech TVI Express member, NOT TVI Express!  What is he doing with 303 other domains?

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