Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alleged Edgar Martinez claims TVI Express Works for Him, but does it really?

A Mr. Edgar Martinez posted a comment on my "TVI Express Scam Timeline", and the comment is reproduced below. It's in Spanish, so a translation is posted as well. The IP address traces back to a location in Bogota Colombia, so Mr. Martinez is likely for real, but probably mislead. Previously a Colombian Newspaper El Liberal had reported on TVI Express scam, and a rebuttal from member, then nothing else was heard ever again.

Original is in blue
Translation is in green
and my rebuttal / observation will be in black.

Hoy 04-05-2011 paso a utilizar mi certificado vacacional y si funciona ,si funciona,ademas puedo comparar en linea precios con otros proveedores de turismo es decir precios de hospedajes,tiquetes aereos,renta de carros,son mucho mas economicos.EL PRODUCTO QUE DISTRIBUYE TVIEXPRESS ES REAL.
Today, 04-MAY-2011 I used my vacation certificate and it works. Furthermore I can compare the prices with the other travel providers such as accomodation prices, airfare prices, car rentals and so on are much more economical. TVI EXPRESS PRODUCT IS REAL
The problem here, Senor Martinez, is that you are basically arguing that HALF of TVI Express is legal and real. That, unfortunately, either proves that they are a scam that is putting on a false front, or nothing at all. It in no way proves that they are completely legitimate. 
As for your claim that the prices you found are cheaper, what exactly did you compare it to? Your vague statement cannot be verified, whereas everything I wrote I can cite a source from that can be verified. 
Nos estan ayudando a economizar,de conocer otros paises,hasta de ganar dinero si queremos,repito si queremos.sino simplemente usamos la plataforma que compramos,obtenemos los descuentos y listo.
We are helping the economy, to learn about other countries, and earn money if we wish, repeat: if we wish. Else, we can simply use the platform to buy and use discounts. 
So how exactly do you make money? You can only make money by recruiting other people into TVI Express, not by selling any trips. Why is TVI Express promising "earn 10000 a week" on their website's front page? Are you telling people NOT to earn money? 
El trabajo que han hecho estos ultimos meses deberian haberlo hecho los que tanto han hablado mal de tvi.
You have spoken ill of TVI Express in the past few months. 
I documented FACTS about TVI Express that you or any other TVI Express member would not dare to tell prospective members. 
creo que se condenaron para ir al infierno por difamar el buen nombre y la vulunta de algunas personas que estan ayudando al mundo.
I believe those who defame the good name of something helping the world should go to hell. 
It doesn't matter what you believe. The truth is the truth. If you do not see the truth, that is your problem, not mine. 
If you turned out to be wrong, do you believe you will go to hell for lying to everybody you recruited and spreading untruth? (And you haven't even proven anything I wrote was wrong.)
las tendencias son asi,el internet se impone,las empresas crecen mas rapido a travez de MLM O a travez del networkmarqueting que es lo que utiliza TVIEXPRES,nosotros no somos MLM.
The tendency imposed by the Internet is controlled by people look at, on one hand MLM, on the other network marketing, that is TVI Express... we are not MLM. 
Edgar, why then would TVI Express write the following?
"Network Marketing — also Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is the most powerful system of free enterprise in our modern world, and it is the business model that TVI Express chose from the beginning." 
Even TVI Express themselves say they are network marketing OR multi-level marketing. It's the SAME THING. Why would you say it is not MLM? You did write "Nosotros no somos MLM", did you not? 
How can I treat you seriously if you cannot even face the truth? 
Are you going to hell for speaking untruth, Edgar? 

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