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"Real True Review" of TVI Express is neither true nor real

When you look for "TVI Express Review", a guy named Manuel seems to pop up quite often. Here's one such link:

This has an honest date on it: March 2010, OVER A YEAR OLD. A lot has changed since. So first of all, this review is neither real or true. It's actually old and inaccurate.

Let us go through it sentence by sentence and see what's in here that may be of use.
To know the truth nobody told you about TVI Express, get the innercircle report simply click here…
That "truth" at that website turns out to be a capture page of the same guy hawking the same stuff AGAIN. 
To Know What TVI Express actually is and also whether or not is a TVI Express scam, we need to look for a honest and truth TVI Express review. And I dont think that most people in TVI Express explain the TVI Express Reviews good enough, so this is why I put this TIV Express and VTI Express report together to show you guys what VTI Express actually is. 
THREE sentences wasted already. Where's the review? 
Well Tviexpress is actually a direct marketing company which is been active in the travel industry. 
Can you prove that? Or are you going strictly on what they told you? UNSUPPORTED OPINION. 
TVIexpres is rather a new company when we talk about that. And now lets look into the TIV Express and whether or not you are going to make 10K. We will talk about the TVI Express information, TVI Expres information and also some tVI Express facts. 
In other words, Manuel is a parrot: repeating TVI Express marketing material, with NO attempt at verification. Manuel has yet to present a single VERIFIABLE FACT. 
The real TVIexpress facts is that they are not a scam at all. Let me repeat that, the TVIexpress facts is not a scam. The TVI Expres facts is not a scam at all, because there is a product involved. 
Manuel never bothers to explain WHY just because it supposedly has a product means it's not a scam. Another UNSUPPORTED OPINION. 

Furthermore, TVI Express FAQ says very clearly, "You do not need to sell any products." The only thing ever "sold" is from TVI Express to members. NOTHING is sold by members to public. Add to that the extra fees, the problem with redemption, the half-sizing... The product is worthless. But Manuel has somehow made the leap of faith: product = NOT scam. 
Everyone who join in TVi express is going to receive a travel package and also who wants TVi express and call me, because this Tvi express business is where you want to be. 
So just because members receive an alleged travel package, it's not a scam? Another leap of faith. That's like saying "Because Bernie Madoff paid me, Bernie Madoff cannot be a scam." Look up Bernie Madoff in the news... Biggest scam ever to hit the US... 30 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH.  Another UNSUPPORTED OPINION. 
So lets answer this question Why should I join tvi express, are their tvi express complaints going on there and how about the tvi express presidents club. And do not forget the TVi express travel business how does all this things fit together.
And that's it, no more explaining WHY it's not a scam. From here on it's all 'join me, join me'. What about the complaints? What travel business? 
The question is not whether or not you join tvi express. The question about tvi is whether or not you can make 10K. Who can help you make the 10K. TVI express and Kelly Williams. It is a simple home based business. You can work from home also, and earn income if you want. 
He raised all those questions, and he skipped right over them!

So what does a home-based business (again, TVI Express claim, UNVERIFIED), and Kelly Williams (who, by the way, quit TVI Express and went on to create Club Seabreeze, a competitor) have ANYTHING to do with "can you earn 10K"?  UNEXPLAINED. 
Its in fact a MLM, to be real about it. MLM is a multi-level marketing, it is network marketing. And they are active not only in America, but actually through out the world, in fact also Tvi express Australia and Australia tvi express.
Again, UNSUPPORTED assumption. How can TVI Express be multi-level marketing when it doesn't sell anything? It just recruits. 

Furthermore, Australia slapped a restraining order on TVI Team Oz (3 TVI Express members) to stop them from promoting TVI Express in May 2010, and China had arrested and investigated TVI Express LONG before that. 

CONCLUSION: As you can see now, Manuel is basically a parrot. There is no review of TVI Express. There are virtually no facts in the entire rant.  The title is a complete lie. Everything in this so-called "real true review" are in fact UNSUPPORTED OPINIONS, ASSUMPTIONS, and BAD LOGIC. 

And Manuel is not alone with this sort of "review". 

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