Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rohit From India Comes with a Presumption

Multi-Level MarketingImage by larryosan via FlickrRohit from Mumbai India made a comment on my hub (on 21-FEB-2011)

Mr.kschang, can you name any MLM/Network Marketing company on the planet which is not referred as a scam?
Is that relevant to the statement "TVI Express is a scam?"  No. There's a PRESUMPTION there that TVI Express is MLM. However, when some distributors of TVI Express claim TVI Express is NOT MLM, while says it uses MLM as its business model, who is right and who is wrong? And why does TVI Express itself says "you don't need to sell any products"? What then is it marketing?
You are not even a part of what you are writing, neither am I. You are simply ASSUMING things, making your own assumptions / opinions / etc.
I have hypothesis backed up by facts and observations made by professionals, such as newspapers, websites, and more. It is far more than a mere "assumption", unlike Rohit here. He assumed something without realizing it.
People like you, I dont know why waste their time & energy writing all this non-sense & eating huge server spaces for nothing, TOTAL WASTE of resources.
People are getting bored of this scam!!! ROFL.
Clearly Rohit have NO IDEA how much MORE server space is wasted by the sort of spam TVI Express SUPPORTERS have put up out there... In fact, you'll have a hard time finding my article...

And is it even relevant? This is getting close to ad hominem attack: "Don't you have something better to do?"
People are just getting lazy coz in Network marketing you dont get a physical Office with an AC. This is hard work buddy, not everyone can do it.
Rohit is ASSUMING that TVI Express is MLM. TVI Express indeed CLAIMS to be MLM, but what does it sell? Why would its own FAQ says "you don't need to sell any products" if it is really MLM? Does he even know he is assuming?
Like Actors, Models & Sportsman get paid to endorse Products, Network marketing simply gives a common man that opportunity, to endorse & earn. If people can earn thru that, why do you have a problem with it (u called it haram! - Dude you are just trying to defend what you wrote.)
Rohit is not dealing with facts here. 1) He is ASSUMING that TVI Express is MLM, with NO verification. 2) He is assuming that I invented the reference that TVI Express is haram. I did not. Aceh Muslim Council in Indonesia did. Thus, his observation is a LIE.
Am part of another NM company & had earned a fortune out of it, try it you wont regret.
People like Warren buffet, Richard Branson, Bill Clinton, etc. are not idiots to promote NM companies or own them, THEY JUST KNOW THE POWER OF IT. CHEERS...
Richard Branson had divested himself of Virgin Cosmetics, the MLM, in 2009. Clearly, it was NOT a good investment for him.

Warren Buffet owns merely ONE MLM company, which is a TINY portion of his portfolio.

Bill Clinton thanked exactly ONE MLM, and for its SERVICE aspect (making money available to third-world entrepeneurs), not how much money it is making the contributors.

Thus, it is clear Rohit simply does NOT understand the situation at all.

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