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TVI Express Won an Award? Not when you read a little closer.

Map of Indonesia showing waters of the East In...Image via WikipediaTVI Express announced that it had won some sort of award called "International Good Company Award of 2011". It was allegedly awarded by "International Achievement Foundation".

The problem is, nobody knows where is this foundation located. It doesn't seem to exist online. It seem to only exist in Indonesia, and even there it seems to have multiple names. 

And the event was NOT covered by ANY news agency, local or otherwise. 

There is such an award called "International Good Company Award" in Indonesia, but the problem is it's not just "one award", but multiple awards for different cateogories. Supposedly PT TVI Express Indonesia won "best service excellence" (not TVI Express the main company, mind you)

Supposedly the award was presented to Goernawan, who, previously, told reporters that TVI Express is NOT multi-level, even though the main company website says it is.

Furthermore, keep in mind that in Indonesia, PT TVI Express Indonesia's stated business (on their business license) is "computers, electronics, and communications sales and consulting" (rough translation). So if they got "best service excellence", it has to be for THAT, not travel or "business opportunity".

What's even MORE interesting is so far TVI Express have NOT produced the "certificate" or plaque that one gets after receiving the award for all to see. You get a generic picture of the award, some clipart banner, and a TINY 1 inch by 1 inch photo that shows Goernawan receiving SOME sort of award. 

Here's a different company that allegedly received the award at the SAME event:

Date given was FEBRUARY 18, 2011, a FULL MONTH AGO.

So if this happened in FEBRUARY, but TVI Express only announced it now, what was TVI Express hiding for all these time, and only announced it March 18th, 2011?

And why is there ZERO coverage of this from any new media outlet (other than TVI Express itself)?

Last year's winner was... uh... "BEACH Laundry" franchise. The win was announced in May 2010. In February 2011 they announced another winner already. Hmmm... Is it me or is this award not what it appears to be?

Who are the judges? No idea. Who else won? No idea. There is no winner list at all.

This award is completely unknown outside of Indonesia, and TVI Express is trying to make a "big deal" out of it, when it's not even itself that had won, but one of its branches, a separate corporate entity, whose stated business is not even travel or business opportunity.

And the person receiving the award had previously lied to reporter, been reported so, directly contradicting official TVI Express statement on what it is. In other words, TVI Express ignores its leader's lies on newspaper, while emphasizing an award its leader won (for what?) that doesn't even apply to the main company.

Sorry, but even if this award is real, it only applies to one part of TVI Express, not the whole thing. Furthermore, it's for SERVICE excellence. It doesn't prove the rest of the business itself is not a scam.

Awards ceremony are in no way good judgment of character. Click here for an ironic award.

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