Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Hilarious News: TVI Express to Buy Airline?

Oh, a guy claiming to be Tarun Trikha (not!) posted some comment on one of my Hubpages hubs claiming that TVI Express is buying an airline!

Oh, really? He claims that the airline is, uh... Royal Palm.
"TVI is launching its OWN Airlines by the end of 2011 called "Royal Palm Airlines" which will start from Indonesia to India."
The problem is... THERE IS NO SUCH airline, either being formed or already formed, anywhere in Asia.

There is supposedly an airline that is being started called Pacific Royale Airline.,20110131-310186,uk.html

So clearly that can't be Tarun Trikha posting. If he really is launching an airline, how can he get the name wrong? What sort of stupid **** is that?

Which makes this rebuttal even MORE hilarious than the typical ROFL.
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