Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kelly Williams, Ex-TVI, went on to start his own... Scam?

Kelly Williams was one of the biggest members in TVI Express, at least in the US. For the longest time he was defending TVI Express, bemoaning that its leaders (i.e. Tarun Trikha) were not answering concerns, while trying to keep his team together. He even sent letters to Troy Dooley's MLMHelpDesk with information.
(October 2009)

And here's a claim that he and his brother Jake loved the idea of TVI Express
(November 2009)

And according to this "agreement" (DOC file), he lives in 553 East Mutton Hollow, Kaysville, Utah.

In 2010 he suddenly quit TVI Express. And guess what? He started a clone of TVI Express called "Club Sea Breeze". The WHOIS of shows...

Registrant:Kelly Williams553 East Mutton Hollow RdKaysville, Utah 84037United States
Registered through:, Inc. ( Name: CLUBSEABREEZE.NETCreated on: 06-Jan-10Expires on: 06-Jan-12Last Updated on: 03-Feb-10
Yep, same guy. Same address and everything. And if you examine Club Sea Breeze website, you'll find it to be a virtual CLONE of TVI Express, albeit one more fleshed out, that addresses various concerns such as transparency, ownership, and more. However, that's not good enough.

In 2011, Club Sea Breeze made the "Daily Pyramid (scheme)" from Linkvaark.

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