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Tarun Trikha Posted a Comment? Not!

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Surprise! A person signing off as "Tarun Trikha" left a comment on my Hub 

Posting IP address traces to Vadodara, India, which is NOWHERE NEAR either of TVI Express offices as listed on TVI Express website.

Friends and all of my TVLites and respected kschang,
It appears to me you have a lot of time in the world to write such a vast blog.
It's not a blog. You haven't even FOUND my blog. This is a vaguely insinuated "don't you have something better to do" ad hominem attack.
Every business has competitors and thats why there are a lot of negative comments and blogs of the Top network marketing companies around the world as you can google yourself and check any name of the worlds top NMC's!... e.g. Amway, etc etc.
And what does THAT have ANYTHING to do with TVI Express? This is known as a tu quoque logical fallacy.  (Look it up)
the companies that you call to be legit have loads of negative blogs in the world of internet. so whats TVI different from the worlds biggest NMC's.
TVI Express doesn't sell anything. The other companies sell something. That's the Difference. Your turn.
I would just like to inform the world about a special news which will shake all the boundaries of your negative blogs. TVI is launching its OWN Airlines by the end of 2011 called "Royal Palm Airlines" which will start from Indonesia to India. and also by the mid of 2012 we will have our own 5 star hotel in Thailand.
Given that TVI Express have not exactly been stellar in fulfilling its promises... This "special news" may as well be bull****.

  • Allegedly hired lawyers in US to make itself compliant... did not
  • Allegedly expanding into Florida, US with office in 2011... did not
  • Promised India office before end of 2009, did not happen until mid 2010 
  • The booking engine... repeatedly promised in 2009 and finally went active in June 2010... With a $150 surcharge (that was never mentioned)
  • Allegedly have a business relationship with RCI, but RCI have no idea who TVI Express is
  • Allegedly have relationships with Marriott, Lufthansa, and AVIS... until they sued TVI Express for falsely using their name to claim relationship
  • Allegedly contracted "Netcash" to provide ATM cards to access eWallet... Netcash is a porn site. 

The list of broken promises goes on and on.
till now we have given and will give the money earned by all our TVLites.
The question is how much are you giving back? Hmmm?  And how is that money earned, and what will you do about the legal prosecution of your members in various countries? So far you've left them to wilt and fend for themselves.
our top leaders have made a minimum of 10-12 Million dollars in the past 2 years of success in TVI express. I dont have to prove to you anything by documents as you can directly contact the top leaders of TVI and you can ask them yourself and record it in your camera and post it here on your blog.
Unfortunately, that proves nothing either, based on information on your own website: recruit people, sell nothing, make a ton of money. So how many "top leaders" do you have any way? That would include Tarun Trikha, would it not? Based on blog in China, Tarun Trikha is probably the first presidential associate EVER, so if everybody else made 10-12 million, Tarun Trikha probably made a bit more than that.

That would make Tarun Trikha the head of the snake, wouldn't it?
i hope atleast there will be 1 thing which is positive on your blog after that. in indonesia most new TVLites are cycling out of express board and earning $10000 every week.
Can't be most, since you need like 200 people to cycle out 1 person out of the express board. Do you even understand your own system? Clearly not!

The most money TVI Express (and its top leaders) make without proving legitimacy, the more of a scam TVI Express it has proven itself to be.
Wish you all Best of luck and Great success for 2011 in TVI Express,
Tarun Trikha
(CEO TVI Express)
What we have here, folks, is very likely an imposter.

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