Sunday, March 20, 2011

Investigating... Pastor Jerry Dailey testimonial of TVI Express

Another testimonial on TVI Express website is a Pastor Jerry Daily, which is reproduced below:

First, let's find the church Pastor Dailey goes at... that turns out to be... Macedonia Methodist Church of San Antonio Texas.

Yep, that's his picture alright. However, it seems Pastor Dailey has no business acumen. On a "network" he listed several programs he had joined:

Note that there is no "TVI Express" in here.

So what is "Narc That Car"? A scam, according to Better Business Bureau, with F rating (worst possible)

How about "My Shopping Genie"? Not that bad, but unlikely to make money.

Guess that means he ain't into TVI Express either. Another Ex-member, it seems.
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Jerry said...

My testimony was true and accurate however I have not been involved in TVI for over a year. I have never been involved in a scam nor ever told I was being Investigated. I am a Pastor who believes in network marketing as a meaningful and viable alternative to help people change their financial lives. Some programs promised more than they could deliver and some delivered. You just have to be prayerful and careful as well as do your due diligence before you join. Like most persons who have ever been involved in any MLM some were good and some were bad. Those who have been victims should never be classed as victimizers.

Kasey Chang said...

Rev. Dailey,

Thank you for the clarification. TVI Express used your testimonial, and I was investigating TVI Express.

I understand you would never condone anything illegal. However, TVI Express is indeed illegal in the US, and was issued a cease and desist by State of Georgia back in 2010.

The posting was made several months ago as well. Again, thank you for your clarification that you are NO LONGER INVOLVED with TVI Express.