Thursday, March 31, 2011

Marketing Coach Can't Even Get TVI Express Details Right, Wants to Train You

Does TVI Express care about its members lying? Obviously not. Check out this one:

This article is hilarious in that it even got the TVI Express details wrong. Here's a paragraph:
Joining the TVI Express Travel Business is simple and affordable. Just by $250 you can start your business. Its plan revolves around 3 matrixes or medium which are all interconnected. First is called Travelers Board. Here we have the board that is designed as a 2×4 matrix and as you progress through this board, you’ll upgrade to the Express Board. Within the Express Board you c see earnings up to $16K. You can see a lot of income when you upgrade to the Real Matrix which has 5×10 matrixes.
So it says there are THREE boards / matrices you need to go through. Why does TVI Express website itself says only two?  And where did the $16K figure came from?

What's even MORE hilarious is this:
When it comes to the legitimacy of this company’s operation, it’s best to ask previous members or seek legal counsel with one who is familiar with the industry.
Ask previous members? What do THEY know about the legality of a business?

EDIT AND UPDATE: As of Feb 27, 2012, the above link is no longer working. 

It's also directly copied from here:

EDIT AND UPDATE: As of Feb 27, 2012, the above link is no longer working. 

So who is behind this It's a self-proclaimed network marketing coach

EDIT AND UPDATE: has removed TVI Express related material from his website. 

Frankly, if he got the details of this alleged opportunity wrong, I wouldn't trust him to teach anything.

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