Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Even more funnies about TVI Express alleged award

If you go to TVI Express's own "gallery", you'll see that...

1) The award is to PT TVI Express (Indonesia), not TVI Express itself.

2) They even got their own dates wrong. The award itself clearly says "FEBRUARY 18, 2011", but the date given by TVI Express as January 18, 2011!

3) What's even funnier, TVI Express only ANNOUNCED the award on its own website on MARCH 18, 2011! (Look in their announcement page)

4) Look at what the award itself says: "as the best service excellent of the year" If they can't even write English properly, clearly this award can't be meant for any proper English speaking folks. The NAME of the award may be "International Good Company Award", but it's only open to Indonesia companies, and the award is unknown outside of Indonesia. NOBODY has heard of them.

5) Look at the banner behind Goernani Goernawan... There are at least 5 other companies that have won the award. Only ONE other company, TimeZone advertised that they have won on the Internet. The other four didn't even bother. Clearly, the award is NOT a popular award... except to TVI Express, eager to claim any shred of legitimacy.

Again, this award means very little.
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