Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, and TVI Express is filtering TinEye searches from their sites

If you try submitting one of the JPEGs on TVI Express to TinEye the image reverse search engine (or try to link to their pix from outside), you'll get "error".

What happened is TVI Express got tired of people, such as me, telling the world that they stole pictures from all over the world. They are also tired of TVI Express members stealing their bandwidth to directly linking to their pix instead of actually making COPIES and hosting the pix on their own sites.

Guess it wasn't so 'self-replicating' as they claimed.

What's really hilarious is on the bottom of every page they claim "CopyScape" anti-plagiarism protection. Yet there's NOTHING in any of the agreements that says you are NOT supposed to copy their words. In fact, is there an agreement AT ALL?

It's actually very simple to defeat: take a screenshot of that section of webpage and submit it to TinEye.  Not only does it prove that the picture was on TVI Express website, it also defeats their pathetic attempt to cover their wanton violations of decency and ethics.

But then you don't expect a scam to worry much about ethics, do you?
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