Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Hilarious TVI Express Member Sites that Stretches Truth to Breaking Point

Found a German Page that claims that TVI Express was actually a part of WCTravel!

A couple choice excerpts
These [partners] include: Avis, Lufthansa, Hertz, Marriott and many more 
Then explain why Mallorca Zeitung said TVI Express was SUED by AVIS, Lufthansa, and Marriott?
A portion of the Board was of WCT World Travel Choise ( contracted to establish and manage TVI. WCT was founded in 1995 and is a world-making enterprise.
There is NO PROOF of this. In fact, WCTravel has an affiliate program that is free to join called "Travelocity Partner Program". 

That's like an Amazon Associate claiming to be "backed by Amazon, the world's largest store"!  What utter poppycock! 
On the side of Company House can be found by entering "TVI" under the number 00988876, the TVI Limited, a registered company. 
There is NO PROOF that this "TVI Limited" is in any way related to "TVI Express". That company is based in Surrey, NOT London / Heathrow / Uxbridge / whereever TVI Express claims to be. In fact, TVI Express claims that they are NOT subject to UK law
No [TVI is not a pyramid scheme], TVI achieved even now millions. There are the product of travel in the online travel agency. 
So just because it had ALLEGEDLY sold millions (their own claim, cannot be verified in any way) they must be legitimate? What a joke. Remember Bernard Madoff? He had BILLIONS in business. He's a fraud. 

Absolutely hilarious at the sort of bull**** one can find about TVI Express. 

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