Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Deluded South African Claim I am Wasting Bandwidth

A certain Linda, whose IP address is traced to South Africa, left me two feedback that say nothing:
1)  your webpage i a waste of airtime and space, better use it to care for the poor
And how did Linda come to the conclusion? She gave no clue. It is solely her opinion, with NO EVIDENCE.

Is it worthy anything? Of course not.

Is it even valuable feedback? Absolutely not.

Did I publish it? Heck, yes. It's idiotic and perfectly illustrate the absent-mindedness of TVI Express "supporters".
2) what a waste of energy, trying to nail down one company , get a life!-you cannot succeed in trying to promote your companies against another.Why dont you donate your space to charity organisations.
"What a waste of energy."  So what's wrong with "nail down one company"? 

"Trying to promote your companies against another."  What company or companies did I promote? 

You see the problem here? Linda is INVENTING excuses to attack me. If you can MAKE UP evidence to support your own side, you can "win" almost any argument... to yourself. 

This basically proves that Linda is

* absent-minded
* insulting, albeit politely

* did not study the evidence or the issues

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