Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conclusive Proof that TVI Express is NOT investing in Airline

TVI Express Indonesia members are spreading rumors that TVI Express has somehow found money to invest in a new airline that will start operation in July 2011. Here's one example.

Somehow the name "Gunarni Gunawan" was construed to be mispelled Goenarni Goenawan, owner of PT TVI Express Indonesia. 

However, that citing is COMPLETELY WRONG. TribunNews of Indonesia has identified the two domestic investors of Pacific Royale Airline as Gunarni Soeworodan, and Samudera Sukardi, both of whom had previously worked at Garuda Air. 

And if TVI Express is investing in an airline, you'd think they'd made an announcement already. Instead, you get all these rumor mills working overtime, citing the WRONG facts, and NOBODY even bothered to double check the names! I don't even speak Indonesian yet I smelled a rat from THOUSANDS of miles away! 

Another TVI Express lie busted! 
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