Friday, March 11, 2011

TVI Express In Macedonia, what took them so long?

As TVI Express is supposedly based in Cyprus, which is right next to Greece and Macedonia, what took them to long to get to Macedonia? No idea.

Yet they are continued to be referred to as a BRITISH company. Isn't that sad? Look at this local ad:

During the next week there will be a set of TVI Express in Skopje

All who are interested in jobs in the British company TVI Express, your application with directories 
Assumption that it's a British Company, isn't it? So why is the website says is registered from a guy in INDIA, with headquarter in INDIA, and no existence of this company in UK at all?
(name, e-mail, phone number, address) should be submitted on 

Entitled APPLICATION, to make further contacted for additional information. 

With respect 
Your TVI Express TEAM 

------------------------------------------ -------------------------- 

Introducing the company and we want all people know the services offered by this company. 

It is the TVI Express, a company that deals with travel and tourism in the form of network marketing. 
So you are claiming that it sells travel and tourism, yes? Why does its own FAQ states that "You do not need to sell any products"?
Using the services of this company gives you the ability to travel with large discounts and acquiring attractive salaries. 

So you don't need to sell anything, and somehow you earn money by traveling? What a bunch of bull****!
TVI EXPRESS has excellent references, and in partnership with many world-renowned hotel chains, airlines, cruise agencies, etc .. 
But none were named... No reference, nor any of the partners...

We are looking for associates around the world who are interested to promote services TVI EXPRESS, and provide good earnings 
(Internet business, intrnet offices, and international transparency of sponsorship) 

There is no business, and there is no transparency.

The company paid each member of the pack, which consists of 6 nights / 7 days in the hotels of 3 to 5 stars, which can be used within a year with your favorite person anywhere in the world. Destination of your choice. 
Seize the moment - BE THE FIRST. 

"Anywhere in the world" is a lie. It's all in or near India.
Maybe for you it is just good information, and will be an excellent business opportunity. 

Still did not say what exactly do you sell. How does one earn by traveling?

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