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UPDATE DELETED FEB-2012 More Hilarity from self-proclaimed marketer / trainer

EDIT AND UPDATE: have removed TVI Express material from his website, so this only exists as archival purposes. 

Previously (on March 31st, 2011) we highlighted a weasel post from a guy named , who runs a website called , where he touts every MLM under the sun, claim they are all great, but you need his help to realize their true potential. He's so good with the MLMs, he got all the details about TVI Express wrong. 

So what did he really write about TVI Express? Here's his article: 


But does it have any facts? Let's study what he wrote, one section at a time. Just to make sure there's no manipulation, here's a screen capture of the stuff as of 02-MAY-2011:

Any way, let's gets started. 

By:    | 1 Apr 2011
Yes, you read it right. This article was posted on APRIL FOOL'S DAY. Is it a joke? Apparently so, but we'll explain that a little later. 

TVI Express Travel came into being after it was set up in London in the year 2009. It was travel and at the same time a hospitality business. TVI Travel Venture International), was introduced in India and later in China. Because of its world wide appeal, it was introduced around the world in July 2009. Today the company comprises of more than 195000 members. 

And the proof of this is what exactly? Nada. By citing "195000" members, this shows that the article was written sometime in 2009.  TVI Express today claims over a million members. Thus, this article is completely out of date, and the author refuse to admit so. 

Of course, the author never care to check that there was no such company as TVI Express or Travel Ventures in UK. The only company that came close, TVI Services, was dissolved in 08-MAR-2011. 

Nor does    realize that TVI Express was kicked out of China in 2009, with members arrested and sentenced to prison in 2010. 

TVI symbolizes as an example of great innovations and leadership building. This travel company has a very effortless mission, yet it is known for its originality and simplicity which draws people to its market. It helps people to let others make an optimistic transformation in their everyday lives.
Another significant plan of TVI Express Travel is its rotating medium compensation which is very favorable among the customers and its clients. It has 2 by 3 medium. One is the Traveler Board and the other is the Express board.

Is that even proper English? What the heck is "TVI Symbolizes as an example"? Or "rotating medium compensation"? 

Since when a forced matrix is "original"? 

This entire section gave zero facts, just lots of hyperbole. 
The easiest way to start this business is to purchase a travel ticket which cost $250. This includes a package of 7 days and 6 nights in an excellent 5 star hotel.
This is already bull****. The purchase is of a membership, which includes a voucher to a package that supposedly includes companion ticket and 7-day 6-night accommodations at a 3-5 star hotel at participating locations. How you redeem the package? You only find out AFTER you pay up... and realize all the hotels are in or near India (according to TVI Express's own list) AND you pay EXTRA $150 in taxes and fees and whatnot, according to their own announcements. So what if you do manage to get a trip? It sure ain't income.
You also get the chance of opening your own website based on your company and even a personal back office.
The backoffice IS the website... tviexpress.com/username  It's not separate!
When the entire vacant posts are filled up, the board gets divided. After this you don’t need to sponsor the two people, as its position will be automatically transformed by the extra sales by any of your team members.
What the heck is "its position will be transformed"? What does "after this you don't need to sponsor the two people" mean? How does the vacant posts get filled if you don't start it by sponsor two people like the FAQ says? Does this guy only speak in gibberish?
When you leave the Traveler Board, your positions will be placed at stage 1 of the Express Board. A credit of $10,500 will be added on your online account after you leave the Express Board. If you want to add up another $10, 500 you will need to make a fresh entry into the Express Board, which will in turn add another $6,000 worth of the travel ticket in your TVI Express Travel account.
Wrong. $250 in eWallet and $250 worth of eVoucher when you cycle out of traveler board. $10000 in eWallet when you cycle out of Express board. 

There is no $6000 worth of travel ticket. The alleged $5000 travel voucher is only for company events, and even THAT disappeared off TVI Express website in 2010.  
TVI Express Travel offers incomparable openings and chances when we weigh against it with the others. On the very first glance it is good to be associated with Travel Venture International. Besides its simplicity and friendly concept, it brings in a team concept within today’s marketing arena.
Weigh it against WHAT others? What openings and chances?
To build a successful venture in this field you need to have compatibility skills and at the same time should be able to work as a team. You should not think that it is very easy to run this business because at the end of the day your success depends on your hard work and your selling abilities.
If you have the right selling abilities you can take TVI Express Travel online or even offline. There is a high probability that after you read this article you might consider training yourself more to develop your marketing skills. More importantly, you should learn to attract people into your market and let them chase you and not the other way round.
This last two paragraphs are just more gibberish with keyword spamming. It doesn't say anything useful at all.

As you can see, EVERY paragraph in this "review" is full of errors and omissions. When there were facts, they are either completely old and obsolete, overtaken by events, or so generic as to be useless. In fact, half of the sentences are outright gibberish.

The conclusion is undeniable:    is a joke. He can't even analyze an alleged opportunity properly. Thus, his "training" would likely to be of dubious value.
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