Thursday, May 5, 2011

Editor's Commentary: So many serial MLM'ers!

The unsustainable geometric progression of a c...Image via WikipediaAfter tracking the TVI Express Scam for 2 years (and learning more about the MLM industry than I ever needed), it is clear that MLM industry is fraught with abuse and scam. The legal MLMs seem to be in the distinct MINORITY.

What's more, a lot of MLM participants seem to be involved in one scam after another. And they claim that as a part of their experience, yet they are no wiser in detecting a scam the next time around.

Look at a list of the "ex-member" list of TVI Express on this blog, and you can see that most people who are smart have gone onto something else, yet most picked something JUST LIKE TVI Express... one of the clones, like Pyxism, DreamStyle Vacations, BonVoyage 1000, Club Seabreeze, and so on and so forth. Others have gone onto something even MORE illegal, such as gifting circles or such, albeit disguised in names such as "relay" or "helping hand" and such.

[I have no comment, positive or negative, on the clones. I have not studied them. I ask you to be VERY VERY careful when evaluating such opportunities. ]

Most of these people claim explosive growth, but they do not understand what makes an opportunity a pyramid scheme, and where is the dividing line between legal, and scam. And their endorsements for scam is preserved forever on the Internet somewhere, documenting their failure of judgment, something they would never mention to their next venture, of course.

Lesson to take away, folks... Before you join a MLM, do a thorough study of the company AND your uplines, 5-10 levels up. You don't want to join someone who had a history of jumping ship, as that's proof that he's no good at picking a winner. 
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