Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scott Crider Zombie Promo revived to TipsofSEO

The typical zombie.Image via WikipediaI have no problem with people wanting to make a buck. However, I do have problem with people trying to SCAM other people out of their money, such as TVI Express scam.

I have nothing against so-called MLM coaches. They think they know something worth something to some people, and if other people think that's worth paying for, fine. However, when these MLM coaches and "SEO advisors" want to help people PROMOTE A SCAM, they will show up on this blog as "weasels".

And when sites revive ZOMBIE content and pretend it's good tips, I'll call them out as zombies.

And Scott Crider just joined the list.

Scott claims to know quite a bit about using modern technology to grab leads. However, what he does is actually quite old-fashioned "spam calls", i.e. robot calling, which is ILLEGAL in California, or indeed ALL OF UNITED STATES with the advent of National do-not-call-list. So what does Mr. Crider do? He calls it "voice broadcasting".

He recently posted an article on TipsofSEO which contains no tips at all, merely "hints" that he can help marketers push Royal Cruise Matrix and TVI Express. I won't dignify him with a link...  Which just appeared today.

The problem is... He had been pushing the same **** since December 2009.

So we have two possibilities... Either Scott's STILL trolling for clients, or TipsOfSEO is a copycat site that randomly steals articles from the content farms (in this case, the SooperArticles link above).  Being that this is posted by "admin" and the article has a box at the end that looks for marketers, I vote for the latter.

This is a ZOMBIE article.
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