Friday, May 27, 2011

TVIme demonstrate his lack of brain matter, but mastery of English

In March 2011, a person by the name of TVIme appeared on the comment section of ExpertMLMReviews, where Shawn Cornett have already declared TVI Express a scam.

I have supplied a steady supply of additional information proving TVI Express is a scam, such as news updates, evidence of TVI Express lies, and so on.

So what does TVIme do? He claims he got a trip out of TVI Express.

I apologize for the small size of the picture, but Blogger don't like the long vertical picture and shrinks it.

You can read the original here:

Any way, TVIme claims he got a trip, 4-day 3-nights, paid only tax. Had a wonderful time.

I asked him whether he likes his trips half-sized by TVI Express, and did his downlines get any.

I get back insults: "are you really that desperate to reap all the benefits?"

I stay calm and point out flaws in his argument, that he assumed I am a member (of which I am NOT). Besides, it's illogical NOT to claim the benefits of this "travel club", right? (But we all know TVI Express is NOT a travel club, but a scam...)

I get back more insults, including defamation of my English skills.

I point out he made an assumption which was wrong.

I get back more insults.

I asked him to explain why TVI Express is legal given that it had cheated him already.

I get back a reply that essentially says "I don't feel cheated."

I asked him if he's in touch with reality.

I get back MORE insults, basically claiming that even though TVI Express promised 7-day 6-nights, and he only got 4-day 3-nights, the "only thing half-sized is your comprehension" (his words).

I say it's more like his perception... But then, some people deep into MLM are like cultists... You can't argue with them as their reality had been so distorted, it's like talking to aliens (from another planet). They no longer even have a common frame of reference with you. It's as if they are in their own reality, their personal "Matrix".

It's either denial, or cognitive dissonance.

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