Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old Indonesia Report of TVI Express Scam

A member dug up some news buried in other forums:
Beware ...!!! Beware ...!!!!'ve Never heard of TVI Express ? sure bro .... Perhaps this is the business terdahsyat, cos to quickly and easily earn up to Rp.100.000.000. Evidently, thousands of people worldwide has reached hundreds of millions of dollars, including in Indonesia until the Pohuwato .. Even if joined in this business will benefit many times. Really?
About 2 months ago, friends in the village invited me to join in TVI Express through a group that already Boom in Gorontalo, with initial capital of Rp. 20.8 million. After the prospect left top right bottom, basically I'm interested. but this constraint on the initial capital. Finally, my intention is delayed. 
No less terrible, come back an offer to join, through co-workers, precisely at the end of 2010. Capital is smaller, only about 2 million more. Interested really, just because at the end of the year needs more, then delayed again to join my intention in this Money Game.
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