Thursday, June 16, 2011

NEWSFLASH: More TVI Express Fraudsters Sentenced to Jail in China

This news was a bit hard to find, but apparently three more TVI Express fraudsters were sentenced in China at the beginning to May, 2011.


Free travel abroad? Misfortune caused by pyramid scheme

中国反传销网 来源:中国法院网 作者:徐伟 红珍 2011年05月05日

China's anti-MLM Network Source: China Court Network  Author: Xu Fong Hong Zhen May 5, 2011

  Join "British TVI Travel Express" for 1897 Yuan, and you can enjoy "free accommodations in five-star hotel 7 Days 6 Nights, free to travel abroad,", do you believe it? Will fortune literally fall in your lap? In fact, there is no falling fortune, but falling trap, a pyramid scheme made ​​up of beautiful lies, with more than 30 people fooled. Yesterday, after trial, Fengqiu County, Henan Province People's Court, convicted and sentenced Wen Yu's group of three for organizing and leading pyramid scheme.

  Investigations showed that since May 2009, the defendant Wen Yu was recruited by others to join "British TVI Travel Express", then the defendant together with Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi, recruited in Fengqiu, Changyuan, and other places with the slogan "free five-star hotel seven days six nights, free to travel abroad", asked participants to pay 8 shares at 1897 yuan per share, to lure participants to sponsor other people to join, complete the board, earn $500. If he advanced to express board, and also complete the board, he can earn $10000 US Dollars. The reward is directly dependent on amount of people recruited, and thus a financial fraud. Over thirty people were recruited, and Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi all are level 3 or higher.


  The court, after investigation, determined that defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi, used the name of promoting "British TVI Travel Express", requiring participants to pay membership to qualify for payment, organized advancement based pyramid shape, with compensation directly based on sponsoring people to join, to lure participants to continue to sponsor others, is financial fraud, disruption of economic and social order. This behavior constitutes crime of organizing and leading pyramid schemes. Defendant Wen Yu, Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi together intentionally perpetrated pyramid schemes, but Wen Yu is the leader in the scheme, and Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi played a secondary role, and being accomplice, should receive lighter or mitigated punishment ; defendant Yang Rui, Zheng Zhi with a good attitude, do show repentance, should not harm society if released, so sentence of probation is appropriate.


  Finally, this court, for organizing and leading a pyramid schemes, sentences to imprisonment for one year and two months Wen Yu, and fined 20,000 yuan; Yang Rui sentenced to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan; sentenced Zheng Zhi to one year imprisonment suspended for two years and fined 10,000 yuan.
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