Monday, June 13, 2011

Archive revealed sad signs of denial in Africa

Back in October 2010, when Bank of Namibia declared TVI Express a pyramid scheme, reaction was swift among the locals. Excerpts here are some of the reaction to local newspapers, and my comments (in blue)

IS it not better to allow us the 52 per cent unemployed to continue make a living honourably through network marketing rather than to legalise prostitution?

But what proof is there that TVI Express is actually network marketing? Or for that matter, Holiday and Cash? They CLAIM to be, but are they really? 

What does it market besides itself? I don't know anything about Holiday and Cash, but it sounds like exactly the same thing. 

HELLO BoN Mr (Ipumbu) Shiimi and Mr (Ndangi) Katoma do you know than Donald Trump, together with Dolf de Rose, are the board members of Holidays and Cash? Are you also aware that Holidays and Cash is operating in 105 countries?

No proof of such link can be found any where on Google. Even alleged Holiday and Cash websites no longer has anything related to Donald Trump. This is likely a lie, or misunderstanding, similar to the one perpetrated by TVI Express about Warren Buffett and Sir Richard Branson

As for number of countries, that in no way proves any sort of legitimacy. Illegal drugs are in every country of the world. So? 

(TRADE) Minister Hage (Geingob) please help us TVI is not a pyramid scheme. Ask TVI people to present it to you. Help us. The BoN wants us to suffer while they are getting richer. Please help.

Ask those in the scam to prove it's not a scam? That's really funny. This basically gets into "us vs them" and "conspiracy" tactics of the cults. 

BANK of Namibia as a member of H & C I am expecting you to withdraw your press release as soon as possible. I want to work for my child’s varsity fees for next year. You are wasting my time and pushing me back into poverty. BoN stole my financial freedom; I want it back big-time. BoN was sleeping only to wake up now just to jump on the wrong side. BoN are you going to give my child a bursary and take care of everything?

So it is the authorities fault for wanting to stamp out fraud, because you do not want to be saved. 

BON or Mr Ndangi Katoma be reasonable and think twice before you take TVI to the newspapers. Why don’t you meet this big giant and hear the best-ever concept in business that every Namibian needs to block the poverty and help themselves. This is not a pyramid scheme as you claim. In Namibia we need this kind of of business that benefits everyone, even a poor person can become a wealthy person. So do good research and apologise to the whole nation.

Clearly, these folks never heard about the cases in China, where perps of TVI Express were arrested and JAILED for running a pyramid scheme, back in 2009. A year later, they still don't believe TVI Express is a scam. 

As you can see, mass denial runs deep. It is a symptom of cognitive dissonance.
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