Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who is Larry Wells and Why Is He Reviving TVI Express Zombie Content?

Search of the Internet shows that a guy with domain "larrywellsreview.com" is reviving some TVI Express zombie content. Here is one such sample.

The title says Global Resorts. What is Global Resorts? It's Global Resorts Network, or GRN, a MLM selling vacation at resorts for cheap... if you join up and pay a huge membership fee (over a thousand dollars). It started back in 2007 or so, from what I can find.  The web is full of spam and splog and spamticles (spam articles) about it, so finding reliable information is difficult. Even the CitizenCorp review is unreliable (the guy who ran it is a serial MLMer who originally gave high ratings to TVI Express only to retract it later) but that's another story.

Any way, the sidebar of the website links to Facebook account "Discount Timeshare Travel". The domain name larrywellsreview.com goes to "At Home Marketing", no address. So, let's try the Facebook page...

The website, 6figuretravelbusinesss.com as in the Facebook profile, has a contact page that points to Larry Wells (and even has a phone number, which links to Hamilton, a suburb of Toronto, Canada).

So who the heck is Larry Wells? Turns out he's a bit late to the game. He joined GRN when it's already past its prime. His facebook pages says he joined in 2010 (see above). Here's his picture from his other website  http://global-travel-business.com/  (also registered by At Home Marketing)

Looking over larrywellsreview.com shows that there are no reviews at all. Instead, it's random articles touting everything travel related... TVI Express, Silverline Club, and more. Even random review of resorts. None of these articles are original... all were copied from somewhere else.

In fact, the website didn't exist until April 2011. First entry was in April.

Thus, Larry Wells attempt at SEO is basically reviving zombie content from elsewhere without any attempt at some sort of logical filter. In other words, he's attracting bull****, and that includes scam like TVI Express.

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