Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TVI Express: covers 3 out of top 10 scams in UK

Here's a list of Top Ten Scams in UK as per

1. Nigerian "advance fee" scam
2. Psychics
3. "Sure thing" investments
4. Fake lotteries
5. Miracle cures
6. Online dating
7. Phishing
8. Prize drawing
9. Pyramid selling
10. Work-from-home scheme

Guess what, TVI Express fits 3, 9, AND 10! Making it the scam for all seasons! Don't believe me? I'll show you.

3. Sure thing investments... Make LOTS of money, right? $10000 per week, they claimed. 

This is right off their homepage:

9. Pyramid selling. Does TVI Express use a pyramid structure? 

This is off their "compensation plan" page. What do you think?

10. Work-at-home scheme. Does TVI Express claim to be "work-at-home"? See for yourself. 

TVI Express: the scam that combines 3 out of 10 most popular scams ever.
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