Monday, June 20, 2011

The New TVI Express Advisory Board: Who are These People?

TVI Express in May 2011 have made some major revisions to their website in order to cover their tracks against critics, who point to idiotic mistakes, like naming "office bearers" with generic names like "Bill Cooper". Those names are gone, but many have taken their place. (This is captured June 20, 2011)

This board have removed a few names, but raised even more questions.

1) TVI Express is illegal in China, with at least nine documented to have been arrested, tried, and CONVICTED of running pyramid schemes. A lot more have been arrested and released. So how can TVI Express still have two advisory board members for China?

2) Same for South Africa. In April three members were arrested for running TVI Express then released on bail. How can there still be adviser for South Africa?

3) TVI Express in Iran? Shariah law virtually prohibits MLM, and security forces arrested a bunch of fraudsters pushing GoldQuest in 2010. Yet Iran apparently has enough members to warrant an advisory panel member. Hmmm...

Clarissa Calingasan
from her Blogger profile
4) Clarissa Calingasan is a "Bob Proctor certified" motivational speaker, not a part of TVI Express. What makes her "vice admiral" qualified?

This also blows the old idea that "vice admiral = vice president" idea out of the water, a lie that had been repeated by many TVI Express members. Ms. Goernani Goenawan, President of PT TVI Express Indonesia, was referred by TVI Express website as "Vice President" (why?)  Clearly, vice admiral is NOT vice president (unless somehow there are multiple vice presidents).

As far as I can find, the only link between Ms. Calingasan and TVI Express is she's following Tarun Trikha on Twitter, and may have previously spoken at some TVI Express events.

5) Who the heck is this "Adnan" character? Is this same guy as "Aknon" as named by Darren Aikens back in October 2010, this "barrister of marketing"?

6) Are they EVER going to explain why are some members removed and others added? Why was Tarun Trikha's name removed?  How about Khurana?

Clearly this "advisory board" is not a "real" organization.
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