Thursday, June 9, 2011

NEWSFLASH: More TVI Express Indonesia Members Realized they were defrauded

UPEKs Online reports:

THURSDAY, 09-06-2011
Customer TVI Express Start Majene Restless
Majene, Upeks - A number of networking marketing business customers TVI Express Majene, mulairesah. They worry that the funds have been remitted to the distributor did not return. Customers unrest that occurred since a few days ago after one of his customers are not dibayarakan by TVI Express distributor agreement.The customer also claimed to have come home many times distributors to collect the bonus payments had been deposited into distributot, but no satisfactory answer has been always impressed even promised. One of his customers Nardin, say, it's almost eight months the money paid to the distributor TVI Express but to date there has not been realized. "Yet according to the agreement just six months, if not broken boad money will be returned, in fact until now did not exist," said Nardin . He was initially hesitant to become a member. However, after seeing some money to return, let alone who took part are smart people, like civil servants and teachers, eventually signed up as well. "At that time I was depositing money for Rp20.800.000, according to distributors within six months I will be paid Rp100 million. Because it is difficult to find members of eight people, so I promised six months the money was returned," said Nardin. According to him, the promised benefits are quite tempting. People can have a cheap vehicle within a relatively short time. Condition 8 people should be looking for members, "But if you are like the way this has been no indication of fraud, and I will report this case to the police," tasdas Nardin. Information obtained Upeks, from a number of other customers also claimed to have paid, "I also have not paid pack. Whereas in the agreement just six months, until today there is no clarity as well, I've been trying to contact the distributor who Tkdr initials, but when I contact hpnya no longer active, "said Polman Syahril citizens.

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