Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Old Spam from TVI Express Spammer Jeffrey Sousa

Digging through Google and my old comments, and I found an old spam hub on Hubpages from "AsiaTVIExpress"  at this url:

I thought that picture looked similar, and indeed that is Jeffrey Souza, whom I had highlighted before, mainly doing keyword spamming nutritional supplements. (See Related Articles below)

What's worse, the wording is stolen off another Hubber, Matthew Neer, whose words have been revealed to be... without substance. Mr. Neer later even admitted that TVI Express is a scam.

What's really funny is on the original hub written by Mr. Neer, there's a comment from Jeffrey Souza (posting as Jeffrey Allan) that thanked Mr. Neer for the hub.  Note he gave link to TVI Express Powerboard, so there's no doubt it's him.

So he thanked the guy for writing a great hub so he can steal it.

WTF, man... WTF.

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