Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Desperate TVI Express Shilled Tried Bandwagon Fallacy Again

Recently, this ad appeared on some TVI Express websites:

TVI Express had fallen to below 10000 ranking on Alexa several months ago. So why all the turnaround?

Russian botnet, that's how.

1) Alexa ranking says vast majority of TVI Express's traffic is coming out of Russia... 58%. Tack on another 20 % from nearby Republics such as Ukraine, Kazahkstan, and so on. (Go see for yourself, look on Alexa, then click on AUDIENCE tab) and those three countries account for 78% of traffic on TVI Express.

At best, this proves TVI Express is popular in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazahkstan.

2) Alexa ranking is EASILY manipulated through a paid service can buy your way to a top Alexa ranking via AlexaBooster, which uses some sort of traffic exchange desktop software to boost site views by browsers equipped with Alexa. For $300 a month AlexaBooster claims to secure a 10,000 or above ranking for its customers

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With Russian botnets, adding traffic stats to Alexa is very easy. Microsoft is hunting botnet operators in Russia, and TVI Express's Alexa ranking has slipped in just the past few weeks (it's 45xx now). Will the Alexa ranking last at all?

3) "Popularity = good" is a known as "bandwagon fallacy"

So what had TVI Express proven with this campaign? It continues to PRETEND to have legitimacy, but it is merely a cloak.
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