Monday, June 6, 2011

More Hilarious Filipino TVI Express Ads

It's amazing how TVI Express followings ignore the blindingly obvious... The following ad appeared on a Filipino website:

However, there are many problems with this ad.

First, wrong category!

This ad is posted in Marketing & Sales // WANTED

So what's typically posted in marketing & sales? Office for rent, position available, that sort of stuff.

So why is this ad posted under WANTED? Shouldn't it be OFFERED? After all, this guy is OFFERING something, right?

That's a lie already.

Second, $250 is not $250

It says is get a trip for $250 USD anywhere in the world.

It sure does NOT say "Pay another $150 in taxes and processing fees" or "have your trip half-sized" or "ALL of the named hotels and resorts are in India". Yet ALL THREE were documented to be true.

Yet another lie.

Third, funny exchange rate

At the end it says the fee is $11500 Filipino Peso. However, if you use the exchange rate on 17-APR-2011, you will see that it comes out to be $267 USD, not $250 as he stated.

Fourth, what unlimited income?

At the end there is something about "unlimited income of your dreams". Sure did not mention how you get it.

But the TVI Express FAQ is very clear: recruit two people and teach each to recruit two more. In other words, a pyramid scheme... illegal in Philippines and everywhere else in the world.

Fifth, that's spam...

Clearly, this entire ad is a complete misrepresentation of TVI Express, by withholding all relevant information. It's spam, and it's particularly EVIL spam.

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