Sunday, June 19, 2011

TVI Express No Longer Claims to be a London, UK Company

For over two years, TVI Express claimed to be "international conglomerate headquartered in London, UK". Indeed, their primary contact number, international dialing code 44, is a London phone number.

However, sometime in 2011 (probably in May), the verbiage was changed. Now, it just says "international conglomerate", no more "headquarter" at all.

Indeed, there is NO company AT ALL in UK called anything CLOSE to "TVI" or "Travel Ventures". It is NOT registered in the UK Business Registry at all.

The closest company name, "TVI SERVICES", closed in March of 2011, and there never was any proof that it is a part of TVI Express. (see below: TVI Express is NO LONGER a UK company)

Thus, it is clear that if TVI Express is operating in the UK, it is operating ILLEGALLY!

Yet TVI Express continues to use a London phone number and an Uxbridge address as their contact number.

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