Wednesday, June 29, 2011

InfoTechBoy seem to be another spam blog

InfoTechBoy claims to be a blog about various subjects, and one of them is money... and one of their subjects under money is TVI Express. Admittedly, this is OLD content... 2009, but it's still on their website.

So what's wrong with this picutre?

First of all, name. GaijinCoach... Do you know what "gaijin" is? It's what Japanese calls all Westerners. It's a (mildly) derogatory term. Who the heck picks a derogatory handle for himself?

Second, if you go through the entire article, you will NOT find out what exactly do you distribute as a distributor.

Third, the verbiage was copied straight from other TVI Express "ads". If you randomly pick a paragraph and search for the text on Google, you'll find plenty of other entries pre-dating this one. Thus, this article is plagiarized.

Fourth, the article completely ignored the fact you need to cycle out TWICE to make $15000... and you actually don't make $15000. It's $10000 in eWallet, which is not even real money.

Fifth, the article has no less than TWO SEPARATE TVI Express affiliate IDs at the end.

Thus, this article is badly written, plagiarized, and full of lies and incomplete truths. It's an ad, not a review that it claims to be.

What does that make
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