Thursday, June 9, 2011

Even More People Left TVI Express... hilarity ensues

Who is Donald McClendon Jr? He claims to be head of DMJ marketing, and he issued a press release on a website:  ( )  dated October, 2010.

However, that was the ONLY entry EVER on this blog.

Furthermore, whose website is Mr. McClendon himself.

But wait, what is Mr. McClandon doing now, 6 months later? --> Links to a capture page for something called "Freeway 2 Success", another "matrix" scheme. --> Links to a blog pushing ROIUnlimited --> links to his "web design" website and 4 other domains pushing different marketing services (i.e. bulk mailer, splash page design, etc.)

Search on Google shows that he's also using ASHMAX and 150Fast, both are "marketing systems" designed to push F2S / GDI.

But not a single word on TVI Express anywhere except that ONE website, with ONE post EVER.

Clearly, he is an EX member.
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