Monday, April 4, 2011

Who is Toni Dishman, ex-TVI Express?

Toni Dishman used to be really big on TVI Express. She was one of the hundreds of presidential associates identified. In fact, her name was cited on another TVI Express website:

(Which is a dead website, by the way, never updated beyond September 2010)

So what is Toni Dishman doing now? NOT TVI Express, that's for sure. This is her press release:

From which I quote:

Let me take a minute here and give you a little history, I too was a TVI rep. well I guess I still am. I have been involved for about a year and endured some bumps and bruises along the way. Some were TVI's fought but some of the blame must be shared with disenchanted members part of my team. For me as long as TVI had the travel portal they had a real product-regardless of the 7 days, that was a perk. Secondly at least TVI continued to pay however the process became grueling. I am not a great leader of hundreds of thousands but I do understand the FTC and certain laws that control or patrol MLMs and other direct sales. I have to tell you I knew we were on shaking ground when the 7 day vacation was not delivered and our actual travel portal went down and never came back up. Major RED flags for me, but what I find most amazing is these proven leaders that had all the connections, didn't have a worry in the world, REALLY???? 
So what's she really doing now? Club Seabreeze, a TVI Express clone, at

When people who're already on top leaves, what does that mean for the "opportunity"? Clearly it's a deadend!
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