Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tarun Trikha on Twitter... Hmmm...

Guess whose name just popped up on Twitter? None other than our "Madoff of India", Tarun Trikha

Ah, but here he doesn't claim to be Chairman and CEO of TVI Express, but of this "V2 Group".

However, this V2 Group claims to be a "business conglomerate". Sounds like a couple shell companies, doesn't it? He even claims that V2 Group will launch a booking website with TVI as "marketing partner".

Photo matches, and Mr. Trikha even follows "TVIupdates". So what does his tweets actually cover?

Earliest tweet in timeline is... March  2011, a month ago. Oh, come on... Don't tell me that Tarun Trikha, who claims to be Internet Marketing Specialist, didn't get on Twitter until March 2011? What utter bull****.

Most of the tweets are pat-own-back type stuff like "heading off the Dubai!" "heading back to India!" and so on. In other words, he's spending money on trips to promote a scam that is condemned around the world, and congratulating himself.

He follows his own "V2Group" and "TVIUpdates", that's understandable. But why NameCheap and Jayriz?

V2Group.com is a blank website, just says "moving in soon". Clearly, this "conglomerate" is a mere shell.

Namecheap is a domain registrar, which should have nothing to do with TVI Express at all, unless Mr. Trikha himself wants to spam the net with more domains promoting TVI Express or an upcoming scam. EDIT: Turns out NameCheap also has a service called WhoISGuard, which hides WhoIS information for scammers such as Tarun Trikha, who don't want his name associated with the scam. However, if Tarun Trikha doesn't want his name associated with V2Global, why would he claim he is the CEO?

So who is JayRiz? She's apparently another one of those motivational coaches, whose real name is Clarissa Calingasan. According to her blog (linked via Twitter profile), she is clearly NOT an avid blogger since there's exactly ONE entry in it, and it's only a poem dated 2008!

And according to one tweet from her, she apparently wants to join Tarun Trikha to motivate more people in Philippines.

So what's Clarissa's claim to fame? She claims to be a business partner of Bob Proctor, who's linked to the movie "The Secret". What does that actually mean? It means she paid to join "LifeSuccess Consultants", which is summarized by this bitmap from their website: http://www.lifesuccessconsultants.com/Contact-Us/

LifeSuccess Consultants: We can show you how to earn tens of thousands of dollars as a Certified LifeSuccess Consultant -- cited from lifesuccessconsultants.com

In other words, pay Bob Proctor (who is a good speaker and motivator, if you dig that stuff) for some training, and you too can be like Bob! Does that mean she can call herself a "business partner" with Bob Proctor? That would be kinda stretching it. 

No problem using power of motivation to promote a GOOD cause. But to promote and motivate for a known scammer and leader of a scam condemned around the world? That's apparently power of the dark side. 
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