Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some South Africans Realized TVI Express Scam LONG before current victims...

On "The Forum South Africa" (TFSA), in the MLM subsection, TVI Express was discussed AND dismissed in September 2010 as a scam.

Clearly, this analysis was dismissed by all the OTHER people who were later victimized, that triggered Ministry of Trade and Industry investigation in December 2010.

There is one significant factor: all of these guys appears to be WHITE South Africans (at least their profile photo seem to be white guys).

All of the victims (and perps arrested) seem to be black South Africans.

I know I am generalizing, but there are not enough data points to make a clear determination yet. I'll just say it appears to be a trend, not yet confirmed.

Is education a factor? Are black South Africans more gullible and pick up on scams already dismissed by white South Africans?

Clearly, race is not an issue if WHITE South Africans already dismissed TVI Express as a scam.

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