Friday, July 15, 2011

TVI Express Philippines continues to lie on Facebook

Apparently, their favorite lie is "it pays so it's not scam"

TVI is not a scam,We already have more than 100persons who joined and earned and exit the EXpress board & received a 10,000Dollars and more than 500persons received 500Dollars just here in the Philippines, if it is a scam why this people is receiving that such money, the only person telling bad things about TVI is the one who didn't understand its marketing plan.STUDY IT AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TVI Express REALLY IS!
(TVI Express Philippines)
Problem with the above statements:

First, 100 people received $10000 means 20000+ people joined TVI Express, since TWO separate "boards" must be filled, each of them paid $250. Besides, it is in eWallet, not real money. Since TVI Express does not sell anything, (go ahead, tell me, what does TVI Express sell, and have you sold any?) the ONLY income is membership fees, and that makes it a PONZI SCHEME. Later member's money are going to earlier members.

Second, 500 people receiving 500? Nope. That is a lie. It is $250 in eWallet (which is NOT real money), and a voucher code valid for 1 TVI Express membership, with value of $250. You *have* to sell that voucher to someone else, basically recruiting that person, to get $250. In other words, that new member just paid an older member DIRECTLY, PROVING IT IS FRAUD.

Third, in a pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme, SOME people will get the money, and the rest will all lose money. It is the VERY DEFINITION of pyramid scheme. Thus, claiming that "some people have gotten money" actually PROVES it is a scam, not disprove it. If ALL people have gotten money, then you may have disproved it. But that is not the case here.

Fourth, dismissal of critics as "do not understand marketing plan", that is just idiotic, blanket dismissal of "they don't understand us". They claim they have superior knowledge, but they are clearly not willing to share such knowledge. WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? They don't know the answer, so they tell you to look at the sales pitch. THEY ARE COWARDS WHO ARE UNWILLING TO FACE THE TRUTH.

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Travel Ventures International said...

Another brainless write-ups who talk negative about TVI Express! They are poor and will remain poor forever!!!!

Kasey Chang said...

I can say the same (poor and remain poor) for all the poor folks who have already joined, and there's a dozen governments who agree with me. Who agrees with you besides Tarun Trikha, or is it Parun Trika?

Heck, you could be Tarun Trikha. :D

FEL said...

Network Marketing is a legitimate business system. The problem is a lot of greedy people uses this system to take advantage.. to my fellow pinoy, just be cautious in choosing a company you'll be joining with. I think our previous experience in Crystal Mansion, Taishan,(cards-cards), francswiss, smfund, etc. was enough lesson & warning for us not to be easily ruined by this scammers..Sad to say we still allow them to deceive us.. but if you wana play with them then thats your choice..If you want I can suggest more scam system on the net. jeje:).... I'm proud to say I'm with a legitimate company founded here in Baguio. If you want a true residual income just pm me..:)

FEL said...
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