Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TVI Wants to Open Office in South Africa AFTER its reps were arrested? Please!

TVI Express (Tarun Trikha) claimed they are opening office in China and Hong Kong. When TVI Express reps were arrested in China, and convicted, TVI Express did nothing

TVI Express (through stupid reps) claimed to be opening office in Florida in 2011 back in 2010. Now it's almost half way through 2011, the only we learned is TVI Express was sued in at least one state and is CLEARLY illegal according to interpretations of laws by prominent MLM attorneys. 

TVI Express can't even survive in its native country India without incident. In 2009 it was chased out of Sikkim, India by police when an FIR (initial report) was done. They got an attorney, paid out 6000 participants, and promised never to return. 

So can you believe them whey they slapped together some stock photos, made a sign, and claim they are establishing an office in South Africa? This is off a fellow blogger, but the picture and words were copied from official TVI Express announcements:

Not only is this an zombie article, it's STUPID zombie.  

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Huttingh said...

The SA office is now open. TVI's product is working. The remuneration structure is working. Your comments are based on carefully selected information, e.g. you don't mention in your articles that the people who were arrested were NOT marketing the TVI concept the right way. They were doing their own thing. We must be responsible in our writing. There are claims about people that took money from ignorant victims and never gave them the TVI product. In other words, they were not loaded on the TVI system. This is classified as fraud and has nothing to do with TVI. An excellent business like TVI which attracts millions will also attract criminals. When these criminals are arrested people like you call them TVI representatives and you do not go further. I'm not sure whether you have an agenda. If you didn't you would have mentioned that TVI's product is fully functional in South Africa. You would also mention that people who are marketing TVI's travel package are remunerated. There are unfortunately individuals that like pyramid schemes. They thought they would just put money and see returns without marketing the travel package. There are a lot of people falling under this category who sit and complain and never put an effort. TVI sells a travel package. You are not obliged to market the product. You can buy the travel package for personal use. Those that wish to earn income can market the travel package to participate in the remuneration model. When people talk or write about TVI, especially those that have failed, they never get to the details of their allegations. TVI is very successful in other parts of the globe and this you've failed to include in your biased view. Present a balanced view to establish credibility. If there is a product you want to market you must do that without bashing TVI. There are many people like who would look at various business opportunities without leaving TVI. I attended the launch and it was excellent. Final comments: TVI has never been declared a pyramid scheme or an illegal operation in South Africa. Various companies are investigated and this is good for TVI. In this way any areas that need to be addressed are identified and sorted out. Should you choose to join my business, visit http://www.tviexpress.com/hutty. You don't have to publish this blog. My intention is to clarify a misunderstanding I think you have. Should you publish this comment, it could help other people that have been misinformed.

Kasey Chang said...

Unless you can show me that SARB and the police have called off investigation of TVI Express the blog post will stay.

In fact, you didn't provide any proof that TVI Express is NOT a pyramid scheme, based on material TVI Express provided. Blaming the individuals instead of the system itself is a standard cult tactic to deflect blame.

Your explanation is also bogus. Nobody enrolls in TVI Express just to get travel benefits, when such benefits can be had on Travelocity for FREE. The "free trip" is difficult to redeem and costs extra $$$ in fees and whatnot that wasn't revealed until AFTER you join. People have complained that no trips were booked or paid all over the world.

The honest truth: people join TVI Express for that $10000, and how you get it made it very clear it's a pyramid scheme as you only get there by recruiting, not by selling any trips.