Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another TVI Express booster avoiding the truth

In March, a website called Go Travel Indonesia has an article on TVI Express:

It claims TVI Express is not scam:


1) How does having HQ in Cyprus (popular money laundering location), with offices in UK, India, and Indonesia prove the company is not a scam? It doesn't.

In fact, TVI Express is ILLEGAL under Cyprus law.

Furthermore, why does TVI Express website says it is headquartered in London?

This is NOT even including the PROVEN facts that the UK and Cyprus offices are certainly virtual offices.

2) Partnerships with internationally travel-related companies... but no names. BULL****

In fact, TVI Express was SUED by Lufthansa, AVIS, and Marriott for falsely using their name.

3) Google's business listing is a proof of authenticity? Absolutely not. It is USER-MAINTAINED.

4) TVI Express had NOT been trusted by Trust-Guard for well over a year.

5) TVI Express was NOT backed by World Choice Travel. They are an AFFILIATE with Travelocity Travel Network, which ANYBODY can join

6) RCI partnership has been disproved in 2010. 

7) "It pays therefore it is not scam" is a logical fallacy. Here's the truth: Pyramid scheme and Ponzi scheme will pay a few people. Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff paid lots of people, but that's in absolute numbers. Vast majority of people were victimized.

Every one of these supposedly proof of legitimacy is a lie. 

Clearly, the entire article is a lie. It's also recycled from OLD lies.
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